Our Coffee

Our custom blends are small batch air roasted to the optimal point to yield the highest quality flavor profile.  Of course, these things are subjective, so you’ll just have to try our Cabin Blend and Dark Forest Blend coffees and our Cabin Espresso or Decaf Espresso to discover which is your favorite.

Air roasting is an ideal, but somewhat rare way to roast coffee beans because its just not efficient for commercial roasteries.  By air roasting small batches the coffee beans can be roasted to perfection every time.  Here are the main reasons why we prefer air roasting:

  • Air roasting is a faster process and since the longer coffee beans are exposed to high temperatures the more flavors and aromas volatilize away. Air roasting can take as little as half the time it takes in a traditional drum roaster.
  • Air roasters roast coffee beans on a ‘fluid bed’ meaning they are in constant movement similar to an air popcorn maker. This means the beans are evenly roasted over their entire surface and the whole batch is roasted evenly.  Drum roasters will roast some beans more than others and some parts of the beans only on one side.
  • Coffee beans have a light paper shell like peanuts, this is called chaff. In drum roasting this chaff will burn and smoke and that burnt flavor transfers to the coffee beans.  In air roasting the chaff is blown away resulting in a cleaner flavor profile for the coffee beans.
  • Consistency…air roasting is a very precisely controlled process that yields a nearly identical flavor profile every time. Drum roasting often is determined by color or a cracking sound and this is subjective and left to interpretation.

These are the reasons why Lil Coffee Cabin insists that air roasting is the only way to go.  And our many customers agree!